Agency Policy

Membership & Services

  1. Clientele membership: The clientele membership should comprise of at least 90% Singaporean Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident and not more than 10% Employment Pass holders1.
  2. Minimum age requirement: All membership and services are targeted at singles above 21 years old (unmarried individuals); individuals who do not fall in this category shall not be offered, promoted, solicited or targeted at as they are not eligible to subscribe to our services.
  3. No guarantee of marriage: Dating services provided does not guarantee marriage; it only provides a platform for local singles to meet, socialize and interact, with the aim of helping them to find life partners.
  4. Services provided clearly stated: All membership schemes and services provided should have clearly stated entitlements (validity period, number of matches/events/dates, price, etc) to ensure that clients are well-informed before subscribing to any package and prevent misunderstandings between clients and the agency.
  5. Updated calendar of events: A calendar of activities and social networking events should be provided or accessible to clients, and updated on the company’s website.
  6. Non-discrimination: The agency should not practice or in any way suggest discrimination towards the clientele’s physical attributes, religion, race, language, gender, etc.
  7. Non-commoditization: Clients are dignified individuals and ought to be respected.  The agency shall not in any way suggest a commoditization of clients.

Criteria Used for Selecting a Match and Proof of Social Interaction Element

  1. Clear understanding of services provided: The agency should explain to the client that it is a dating agency (whose objective is to provide a platform for local singles to meet, socialize and interact, with the aim of helping them to find life partners) and are not other service providers like event organizers or social networking sites.
  2. Proof of social interaction: The agency should be able to provide proof of social interaction in services provided.
  3. Accredited dating practitioner: All dating activities must be facilitated by at least one accredited Dating Practitioner.
  4. Gender ratio: The gender ratio at dating events should be at a minimum of 60:40.
  5. Profiling techniques: The techniques, criteria and elements employed in profiling clients (if any) should be explained to them, especially what constitutes a profile match.
  6. Right to decline: Clients has a right to decline matches if they deem them unsuitable.
  7. No guarantee of marriage: Clients must be informed that services provided does not guarantee marriage.


  1. Prices for all types of services available must be clearly stated.
  2. Clients should be provided a price list and description of services provided.
  3. The payment terms for all types of services should be stated clearly.
  4. All additional charges that the client is likely to incur should be stated clearly.
  5. Policies for refund should be explained to clients, clearly stating the conditions for refund (including any associated time limitation or fee under which a full/partial refund or refund-in-kinds can be obtained).  Services not rendered must be refunded, but administrative fees may be retained.  The agency must provide a reasonable justification for any fees retained as administrative cost recovery.

Compliance with Law

  1. The agency, in the conduct of its business, must comply fully with the laws and government regulations of the Republic of Singapore.
  2. The agency policy must be prominently displayed at the agency and the homepage of the Agency’s website.


Refund Policy

Refund Policies are subjected to changes without any notice

Refund for Events

  1. If payment is made and the event is cancelled by A Dance Date, a full refund will be given by A Dance Date.
  2. If payment is made and the participant discovers that he/she cannot attend the event, the participant shall inform the organizer at least 14 days prior to the start of the event.  5% will be refunded
  3. Refund will be made via paypal, bank transfer or cash, depending on the mode of payment and subject to manager’s approval.  Refund will be issued within 3 days from date of approval.
  4. No refund will be given:
    1. If participants do not turn up for the event
    2. If the participant withdraws from the event less than 14 days prior to the event.
    3. For events over a duration of time (eg a dance course over 5 weeks), no refund will be given to participants once the event starts.

Refund for Membership and Services

  1. 3 days cooling period: If you wish to cease your membership or cancel your subscription to services provided by the agency (group network concierge or date premium hunter) within 3 days from the date of payment, the Agency will return the payment less 5% for administrative costs.
  2. Consultation fees are non-refundable once consultation has been done.
  3. Any ad hoc additional fees are non-refundable after the 3 day cooling period.
  4. If there is a prolonged period of non-participation on member's own accord to meet prospective dates, for a period of one calendar year, the membership would be considered as having lapsed.
  5. No show of your date. We are not responsible for any "No Show" of dates, delivery loss or damage of gifts during transportation. However, a replacement date will be arranged.
  6. Members are allowed to reject up to 3 personalised dates that the agency matches for every package purchased.


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Personal Information

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Accuracy of collected data

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