Dating Advice - Tips!

Be prepared for dating!  Just like studying for exams, do your research when it comes to dating. 

  1. Spruce yourself up; make yourself look presentable; get trendy clothes, hair and make up.  Exercise regularly, get fit.  Grooming yourself to look good will help to boost your confidence, and others will be able to sense that. 
  2. Do your dating research.  Be prepared for the inevitable rejection that we face with regards to dating and don't let it pull you down.  Practice small talk and easy table conversation topics that you can use to get to know one another.  Practice smiling and looking charming.
  3. Consider your aims and goals for dating.  What is your goal and what time frame are you looking at?  Do you see yourself married in 2 years?  Do you just want to meet more people?  These goals will help you to approach dating with the right frame of mind.
  4. Put yourself in places and events where you might meet potential partners.  Join clubs, societies, drama groups, etc where you might meet people of similar interests; staying at home to watch TV will not get you dates.  At the very least, you will meet more friends of similar interests to you.
  5. Be realistic.  Choose those you stand a good chance of dating.  Dating is based on your looks and personality; a trendy and good-looking girl or guy would also be looking for someone equally trendy!
  6. Surround yourself with people who will support your goals.  Pace yourself and take the time to rest from dating occasionally to recharge your energy and keep your confidence.
  7. Enjoy dating as a way to meet new people and enjoy new experiences.  Focus on making friends first, with a chance for a more romantic prospect later on.  Don't make yourself too available or that may seem desperate and loose the mystery of romance.  Get to know others as unique individuals and friends, and let the romance develop.