Hip hop originated in the New York City ghettos especially the Bronx in the 1970s. African-Americans are seen dancing on the streets to vent their anger and frustration. There were mixed influences from African-American, Jamaican and Latino. Block parties often had the DJs playing popular genre of music especially funk and soul. 

In hip hop, it is divided into old school and new school hip hop. Old school hip hop includes styles like break dancing where they are known for moves like the windmills, head spins and moonwalk. On the other hand, new school hip hop comprise styles like krump and whacking.

Hip hop is an individual dance that is rather versatile. People usually fuse hip hop with other genres like jazz and salsa into choreographies. The mainstream music caters to most of the hip hop dancers with songs from popular artists like Beyonce, Pitbull and Ying Yang Twins.

The attire of most hip hop dancers is casual street wear. They wear baggy shirts and pants in outstanding colours with caps. Just like in the past, where this dance can be danced on the streets, the outfit preserves the essense of the hip hop culture.

Hip hop is a gobal and widespread where each country her own style. In Korea, girl and boy bands are known to dance MTV hip hop while in The Philippines, most of the people dance to krump. In Singapore, the hip hop scene is growing at a rather significant rate and one obvious sign is the hip hop team ‘Joyce and the Boys’ who clinched third place in the World Hip Hop Competition in year 2009.