A Dance Date is a dating agency which specializes in providing opportunities for singles of similar interests to meet and widen their social network despite their busy work schedule.  Dance is our forte, and we specialize in providing singles events like dance classes/parties, single's social events/parties, courses on grooming, make up, modeling, etc.

A Dance Date is started by Starlinn Choo who is the resident instructor and Head of dance at ACTFA School of Dance & Performance Arts. ACTFA has been a Partner Connector and collaborated with SDN in the past from 2005 - 2009 and has been organizing dance classes, parties and events which are highly attractive to single working adults as they get to meet different people on a common interest: dance and exercise.  With access to many local and overseas activities and events through its dance networks and partners, A Dance Date is an ideal place to meet friends and find your potential partner.

With experience gained by conducting partner dances, our consultants/instructors know how to create unique opportunities for singles to know one another better and are trained to facilitate interactions.  Also, the natural element of switching partners in the class gives our consultants/instructors experience on how partners interact.

The nature of social dancing creates a natural and conducive environment - built into the dance culture - to help shy individuals overcome their initial awkwardness to meet new people.  Students change partners in class and the norm is to dance with many different people in one night.  This creates opportunities to meet new people; for those who are shy to talk, it even provides them with ways to interact without talking!  Many existing customers who learn to dance and join our social events naturally pick up on social etiquette and gain confidence through these scenarios.

In the past 8 years, people have found partners through the many classes and parties organized by us, with minimal matchmaking efforts from us.  Some have even insisted to hold their wedding shoot at our studio – one even held their ROM in our premises – as that was where they met their life partner.

Objectives & Goals

We aim to help singles who have met through our events to find their potential partners or if not widen their social network despite their busy working schedule; to encourage further interactions among interested parties and help assist and create a conducive environment to bring ongoing relationships to higher level; to create avenues to assist individuals to gain more confidence and to widen up their social circle.

Our events would consist of dance classes/parties; single’s social events/parties; courses on grooming for men and women, make up, modeling, how to attract the opposite sex, etc.  All these not only provide opportunities for singles to meet but also teach them how to talk, find and keep a partner.

By having qualified and dedicated consultants who have experience in dealing with couples in various social settings, we are able to cater to individual’s requirement to help find their match.

We have different product packages at affordable prices for customers to choose from and with least hassle at their convenience.

Our Target Customers

All eligible singles (20yrs and above) from all aspects of life; our targeted customers are single working adults in their early twenties to forties.

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